TOYA Summer Camp

August 2023
Lake Toya, Hokkaido

SUP, Snorkelling, Floating Trampoline, Cycling, Farming, BBQ, Hike, Lakeside Games Other Adventures!​

Just what the school holidays should feel like. Action-packed days of water sports, cyling, boat rides, island exploration, a farm experience, games and other adventures around the stunning setting of Lake Toya.

In a bilingual environment with international and local instructors, kids learn a host of new skills, make friends and discover exciting new ways to enjoy the outdoors. The perfect way for kids to get active, cool off in the summer months and live life in Hokkaido to the max!

Parents are encouraged to stay overnight in the area with their kids and enjoy 3 peaceful days by the lake while the kids are out on the activities.

3 Day Summer Camp


16-18th Aug, 2023


20th-22nd Aug, 2023


On Demand! (Enquire)

Toya Summer Camp Collage

AgeS 7-14

The challenge level is refined to the age of the kids who sign up each week.

9.30 am - 4 pm

Drop-off and pick up times


There are no overnight arrangements on this camp. You can drive there and back each day, but we recommend that parents stay somewhere nearby with their kids for convenience. Enjoy a relaxing few days by the lake while the kids are out on the activities!


The camp starts and ends at the Lakehouse at Toyako on Days 1 and 2 and at 'Mizu No Eki' on Day 3. Both locations are on the North West side of Lake Toya. From there, we walk, cycle and drive to various nearby activity locations.

LINE Group

We create a Line group with Imagine instructors and parents for easy communication and updates during the camp

info email

Further information such as packing lists will be sent to parents before the camp.


Please note that the below stated schedule is subject to adaptation depending on the weather, interests, ability levels and other circumstances. We take a flexible approach, teaching the most appropriate skills at the best times. Indoor activities may replace outdoor activities when necessary.

3 Day Camp Schedule

Summer Camp Lake Toya

SUP Quidditch, Floating Trampoline, Field Games

We kick things off with some classic team games in a beautiful grassy area by the lake, for kids to settle in and get to know each other.

After this, it’s SUP time. Practise controlling the board before trying one of Imagine’s original creations: SUP Quidditch! Try to dodge balls, score goals and knock each other off their boards!

As if that wasn’t enough, kids even get to bounce on a floating trampoline and have a picnic together by the lake.

Lake Toya (North West side)

Nature Immersion, Action, Fun, Bonding

Cycling, Snorkelling, Water fight, BBQ

The day begins with some cycling practice in a safe, wide open area to check everyone is ready. Then we embark on a cycling journey on a path alongside the lake and through the trees. 

When we reach the goal, it’s time to cool off with a snorkelling session! Learn the technique, practice the skill and enjoy exploring the famous crystal clear water. 

After lunch in a cafe and cycling back again, the team will be hot enough for everyone’s favourite way to end the day: a big crazy water fight! 

In the evening, there’s even something for the parents. All families gather together for a BBQ party. 

Lake Toya (North West side)

Action, Fun & Fitness

Island Exploration, Cows, Ice Cream, Beach Games

After seeing the island in the background all week, adventurous kids will be curious to explore it, and that’s exactly what we’ll do! Following an exciting ferry ride around the small islands, we disembark on the largest island and venture deep into the pine forest by foot, immersing all the senses in the lush flora and fauna.

Upon arrival back to the mainland, we have lunch in a restaurant, before heading to the nearby Lake Hill Farm. The farm is famous for its incredible views, lush grass fields, cows and delicious ice cream! The group will have a unique chance to experience feeding and learning about the cows, to run around in the vast field, and of course to taste the popular ice cream.

Finally, back at the ‘Mizu No Eki’ area of Lake Toya, kids shake off the last bits of energy with some fun beach games while waiting to be picked up by parents!

Lake Toya (South and West)

Courage, Confidence, Nature Discovery, Teamwork


45,000 Yen, 3 Days

-2500 yen discount if bringing own bike and helmet

-2500 yen if bringing your own SUP (with life jacket)

-4500 yen discount if coming in a group of 3 or more and/or signing up by 16th July 2023

We take the group to have lunch every day, with a combination of picnics, cafes and restaurants. 

Kids will stay with parents overnight, so breakfasts and dinners are not included. 

The BBQ on the evening of day 2 is not included in the camp price. Please pay an entrance fee directly to the venue (approx 500 yen per person) and bring some food to contribute and share, in classic BBQ style. 

The total group size will be limited to 28 kids maximum.

Please check your child's temperature at home before coming and do not take them to the camp if displaying a high temperature. 

Masks are optional during outdoor activities, but must be worn when indoors. 

Masks are not worn during watersports, during physical exercise or inside tents.

Most of the camp activities are outdoors, with a natural distance between people as there is plenty of space to spread out. There will be some activities where the social distance is temporarily impossible, but the key is to find a balance that minimises the risk while still enabling fun and education to continue. 

If your child feels unwell at all on the morning of the camp, has had Covid-19 recently and not received a negative test yet, had any symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 10 days without taking a test, or has been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who had Covid-19 or was showing symptoms, it is important that you notify us and do not attend. If in doubt, just ask us.

If anyone shows Covid-like symptoms during the activities, we may decide to keep them at a distance from the group until you are able to take them home or take them to get a Covid test.

Despite these efforts, we cannot make any promises about the risk of infection and it should be viewed as a necessary small risk to enable kids to enjoy a fulfilling childhood. 

Any part of this Covid-19 policy may be updated (either stricter or more relaxed) any time, adapting to the latest situation in Hokkaido. 

In light rain and warm air temperatures, most activities will go ahead as normal. 

If there is a chance of lightning, we stop water activities.

If the rain is too heavy, we go to an indoor sports ground and play a range of team games until the rain stops.

Yes, it's important that all participants can already swim and ride a bike. But if you are unsure, let's talk about it. There may be ways to enable them to come.

There is a BBQ on Day 2 evening, to which all parents and kids are invited. It is not an official part of the camp, so please bring anything you need to cook, eat and drink.

As for the daytime activities, please note:

To let the kids fully enjoy the activities, gain independence and a sense of freedom, we strongly encourage parents not to hang around during the activities. The group will be in safe hands. The presence of parents can distract the kids and affect the vibes of the activity in general. 

We can send photos and updates during the day if you wish to be updated on how it's going. We will also have everyone's phone numbers and will phone you if necessary for any reason.

This is a fantastic chance for the kids to grow up. And for you to enjoy some peace and quiet!

All participants must sign up for all three days. 

The meeting point most of the time is at the Lakehouse at Toyako, so that would be the most convenient place to stay. It offers lovely rooms, camping and clamping options. You can get a 10% discount there if you mention you are attending the Imagine camp!

There is also a large range of private vacation rental houses nearby, which you can find on apps such as AirBnb, etc. If family friends are also attending, you could consider renting a private house together to keep costs down and have a sociable holiday. Alternatively, there are various hotels in the area. There are also various nearby campsites and glamping facilities. 

Have a search online, and let us know if you'd like any advice!

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