Snow survival training

Enjoy a day playing in Hokkaido’s amazing snow while learning some valuable survival skills. This survival training experience for kids ages 7+ provides a unique and memorable day of activities off the slopes. 

Your mission

Head into the magical white wilderness on snow shoes and train in a range of winter survival skills. Become and stronger and braver person while learning a practising tons of new skills together. Can you complete all the challenges?

Build a snow ship

You’ve got ski’s an your lost in the forest and someone isn’t able to ski home, you’ll need to make a stretcher (snow ship) and ride it down a hill to safety. 

Snow shoe trekking

Master the art of snowshoeing. Learn how to use special shoes that will enable you to trek accros the deep snow powder wilderness. 

Fire starting and wild BBQ

Making a fire is one of the most fundamental skills for survival. You’ll need to learn which resources are best and have a go at using a firestone. 

Spear throwing

This challenge is just for fun, but you may need to use this skill in the wilderness if you have to hunt your dinner!

Snow shelter building

Shelters are essential for staying warm and resting if you are out in the elements. You’ll need to create a snow shelter big enough to sleep in. 

Search & Rescue Challenge

Learn to use an avalanche rescue beacon and work as a team to find a surprise hidden in the snow.

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