Take your school group on an active and educational exploration of Lake Toya in Hokkaido.


As a UNESCO Global Geopark, Lake Toya has an indescribable energy and jaw-dropping natural beauty that never fails to leave visitors in awe. 

The gigantic lake, with a mountainous island bursting out of the centre, steep forested hills all around, overlooked by a gently smoldering volcano, provides infinite opportunities for nature education and outdoor activities on both water and land.

At Imagine, we know that each school class has unique desired educational outcomes, age ranges, group sizes and preferred trips dates, so we offer full customisation of your trip to ensure it fits your requirements perfectly.

Below are just a few of the possible options that can be combined into your bespoke itinerary of 1-6 days.

Outdoor Activities

As professional adventure activity providers, we pride ourselves on facilitating outdoor experiences that go beyond the physical element and inspire character development in various ways, leaving powerful impressions on participants long after the experience.

SUP at Lake Toya
snorkelling toya



We can arrange private transport for your group, from Chitose Airport, Hakodate Bullet Train station, Sapporo City or anywhere in Hokkaido. Accommodation options range from hotels to wooden huts to camping, all in beautiful spots by the lake. Your bespoke itinerary will also include a range of delicious and healthy meals for the duration of the trip, equipment for all activities and any special logistical requirements you may have.

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